Monday, February 20, 2006


how many of us get the opportunity to take time out and look at the dead ? i mean, the body of anything that lived ! We are shaken to have our eyes fall on someone dead in a road accident.

i was watching the movie KILL BILL 2 this weekend. there is a scene where BILL (David Carradine) describes to Beatrix (Uma Thurman) about their daughter B.B and how the 4 year old got an idea of life and death. the kid stomps on a flapping fish on the carpet and the flapping stops. the kid feels bad about what she did to the fish. when BILL was explaining how the kid got an idea of life and death, i missed the point.

i got it today. i was having a fag in a private land next to my office (thanks to the rule which says no smoking in public). i found a body (yes... of a dog again). its jaws were open... teeth visible through the slight opening... looking like a wolf from that angle. it looked diseased. the death was a natural one. we rarely get to see a dog dead naturally. its usually an accident, all other times.

how i wished the dog started breathing again. how much i wanted it to wake up from its death n walk away !


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