Monday, January 02, 2006

The thin red line

just after posting my earlier one, i took a break to have a fag. i was watching the traffic and i saw a man who was walking with crutches. he was well dressed with clean shoes. as he was crossing the road a car stopped on the road and the person who was driving it was waving his hands as if to gesture the man to cross the road without bothering about his car. it didnt seem like a natural act. it looked to me like he was doing it to make a point. a point that he cares for the disabled. the fact is this man didnt need care. he only needs respect, from the way i see him handling himself (the way he;s groomed proves he is in a good job and is respected at work)

i could sense disgust in the face of the man with crutches.

there is a thin line between the act of showing respect for the challenged and the act of showing sympathy.

i hate to even make eye contact with the physically challenged. only coz i want them to feel like i was treating them like a normal person...
i keep my eyes off them out of the fear that they might feel that i am looking at them because i feel sorry for them. on the other hand, i show sympathy to beggars who are challenged.

thinking about my thoughts behind this, it makes me wonder if this corrected action of mine is also a result of sympathy deep down in my subconscious mind. sympathy for their feeling disadvantaged. this feeling of them which i have assumed to be true deep down. little does one know how they feel, deep down in their mind themselves.


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