Monday, January 16, 2006


after a real long time, i felt like i was missing the hole.

i was so irritated about somethign and wanted to shout my spirit out. i didnt wanna vent it out to anyone else, for the fear that it might disturb n shake them up. there was a huge lump in my throat that i felt the pain unbearable. the only solution would be to shout at the top of my voice.

a hole is a small room thats light proof n sound proof, shawshank redemption style, well not so cramped though. thats space for u. real space, isolated from the chit chats of the world. n the world too, from you.

trying to make people listen is a truly herculean task. there's the expectation that you mite succeed in making them get your point. there's frustration when u fail in making them listen, truly.

the hole is a good tool to help anyone with this. you enter the hole without any expectations, coz u know u are not trying to make anyone listen now.

you can come out of it, with the job done, with the lump gone, with no more pain, n u start the process fresh, trying to make people listen, only now you dont have the lump.


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