Friday, December 30, 2005

la vie longue le mort

on my way to work this morning i saw something nice that touched me. there was a carcass of a dog on the road. it had been runover by a vehicle. a boy (must be in his 5th or 6th grade) was oblivious of the heavy morning traffic. he was dragging the dog by its leg towards the kerb of the road. even as i was wading through the traffic and watching this boy in the rear view mirror, i found him walking away after he threw the carcass into a garbage box on the road.

my mind is still racing.

dignity even for the dead, this one is.


Blogger BachforGood said...

I guess this happens only wth children n when i say that its only cause its only a child who respects "life" first and teh rest follows..he is never affected / concious about his him, his pet and a stray dog are the same, contrary to all the older people..

10:09 AM  
Blogger scottpecksez said...

true... very few ppl care less about what the environment thinks or does in response to their own action/thought

7:00 PM  

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