Monday, January 16, 2006

BEST of both worlds !

the conscious mind is what we use to showcase ourselves to the world. this mind is what we are to the world. whereas the subconscious mind is something we need for ourselves. consequently, this is what we are to ourselves. it needs an awareness, about our subconscious, to really know who we are. most of us live out our lives being aware only about the conscious. so we are always left with some sense of discontent, about not being able to be ourselves coz we dont know in total, what we are in the first place.

once we get this higher level of awareness, we can be sure that we are equipped with the most powerful tool we can ever have. this will enable us to make our both minds in sync. what a beautiful world it would be then. we'll know exactly why we do all that we do. there will be a state of coherence in all that we do. no skyscrapers or trenches in the graph that represents the logic behind all that we do.

the subconscious mind records or stores up all the experience we gain as we learn, no matter what the outcome is.. as in whether we succeed or not in doing something. it needs careful tuning into the mind, an awareness, to manage the subconscious mind, to make it learn only the positives and tune out the negatives from those experience. this negative stuff thats learnt by the subconscious is the reason why one is afraid of making mistakes, which also prevents one from learning new things. this also creates anxiety while trying to learn something new, if this learning needs the help of the subconscious mind too.

for ex, learning to ride a bicycle, or learning swimming. these are some of the heavily offbalanced activities that is difficult to learn once we've grown up. our conscious mind is blocked out by the subconscious by the negative experience that it gains over time, as we grow up. thats the reason y adults find these extremely difficult and also y kids learn these tasks like crazy. there is just no experience for the kids (leave alone negative exp) when it comes to these activities, in the subconscious of theirs. so they have no fear or anxiety, generated by the subconscious, when trying their hand at these. this is the phase when the kids have their instincts at their best, as it is not clouded by any negative experince in their subconscious.

interestingly, as a corollary, learning to swim or ride a bicycle as a grown up will serve as a perfect acid test for grown ups to see if theyve put their subconscious in place, as in being able to control the subconscious, and also to see if they have the gift in them to use their instincts. also the prerequisite to have a good instinct and to use it is, first to have the subconscious in control. (its having it in control instead of having it overpowered coz instincts are the output of a healthy subconscious mind).

this will lead to the path where the subconscious is tamed and is made our pet. it can then be ordered to take control of the conscious mind. its dangerous to let the subconscious take over the conscious, unless its tamed first, however.

well, one may ask, if we want the subconscious to be tamed, arent we talking about the conscious mind, coz its a conscious desicion in this path ? no. its the awareness that im talking about, that should take over the two minds.


Anonymous Ajith said...

nice thought macha..... the idea of disassociating yourself from the conscious mind and being aware of the fact that the conscious mind does the thinking and you watch your conscious mind do the thinking.

2:02 PM  

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