Sunday, September 23, 2007

My funny bone!

I used to wonder how difficult it would be to be a surgeon. I still do. But then logic takes over, as always.

After all the human body is like a complex machine, with each organ functioning like an assembled stuff within that. It's all about cracking the system, understanding the basics. And then you wanna tweak the way an organ works and you jig it up a little, accessing the right area (either by directly opening it up with a scalpel or by exploring through laparoscopy). Just like you turn off the taps from the overhead tank before you fix things in your bathroom, you turn of the blood flow by cauterizing or ligating before you open it up. I wanna say "I wont get any deeper into this procedure since thats not what I wanna talk about". But the fact is I dont know much about it.

My point is I think of the body as a complex machine! But there are ways to figure things out and fix it, when something goes wrong. Being an avid physics/mechanics enthusiast myself, this is what I get to. However, there is one thing that I try to figure out but unable to.

And by the way, my profession has nothing to do with medicine. Nor does it have anything to do with physics/mechanics. However what my profession has made me realise is this. There is a bug in the machine!

And where? The funny bone.

Stimulus is good. It helps you flinch in pain so the damage is minimal. I am okay with having to go through pain for this reason. But then whats the reason for my having to go through that burning feel in the palm when my funny bone takes a hit?


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